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Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services is a private non-profit organization directed by a volunteer Board of Directors intent on improving our community!


Our History

Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. (CNHS) is a private, non-profit 501c3 organization which operates within the Cumberland Housing Group. CNHS serves residents of the City of Cumberland and Allegany County.

The organization was founded and incorporated in 1982.  CNHS began with one primary focus: providing funding for low income, first-time homebuyers in North Cumberland. In existence for more than 35 years, the organization has grown both in the scope of programs it offers, as well as now serving the entire City of Cumberland.  Some CNHS programs even reach throughout Allegany County.

The organization is governed by a 5-member Board of Directors which meets bi-monthly. Operations are led by a President/Chief Executive Officer, a Vice President/Chief Executive Officer, and a Special Projects Coordinator who serves in multiple roles within the agency. Other Cumberland Housing Group employees assist in operational support.

Our Mission

Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services (CNHS) purpose is to renew pride, restore confidence, promote reinvestment and revitalize neighborhoods from within.

Collaborative Achievement

The City of Cumberland, Allegany County and the State of Maryland recognize Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services (CNHS) as a leader in revitalizing city neighborhoods by fostering home ownership as well as home rehabilitation.

Employees of CNHS hold professional certifications in housing management, development, finance and provide leadership, guidance, and education on a continual basis.


Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. - 635 E. First Street, Cumberland MD, 21502